Imaging batteries at New York University since 2010

Our team are world-leaders in developing MRI techniques to study batteries and battery materials.  


Andrew J. Ilott, Ph. D.

Dr. Ilott is the CEO and founder of Battery Fingerprint technologies, as well as a post-doc at NYU. Prior to joining NYU, he got his Ph. D. from the Durham University in Physical Chemistry. Research by Andrew and his colleagues has been published in top-tier journals and conferences such as Nature, PNAS and JACS. Andrew is a recipient of the 2015 Journal of Magnetic Resonance Young Scientist award.


Mohaddese Mohammadi

Mohaddese is the COO and founder of battery fingerprint technologies. Currently, she is a Ph. D. student of Physical Chemistry in the Chemistry Department at NYU and a research assistant in the Jerschow lab. She previously earned a B.Sc. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Tehran and a M. Sc. in Biomedical Engineering from NYU Tandon School of Engineering.  

Alexej Jerschow, Ph. D. 

Professor Jerschow is the Senior Scientific Advisor and founder of Battery Fingerprint technologies. He is the Director of the Jerschow lab at NYU Chemistry. He serves on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Magnetic Resonance and is the Director of undergraduate studies in NYU's Chemistry Department. 

Emilia Silletta, Ph. D. 

Dr. Silletta is the CTO of Battery Fingerprint Technologies, as well as a postdoctoral researcher in the Chemistry Department at NYU. She got her Ph.D. in Physics from Universidad Nacional de Cordoba, Argentina. Her areas of expertise include NMR and MRI applied to Lithium batteries.